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 Being stuck out in the middle of nowhere in the snow can be really bad for your health, as in fatal.

With the winter season almost on top of us, we thought it would be important to briefly cover a scenario many of us might actually face in our lifetimes. You know, the one where you were going to take the kids out to grandma’s for the weekend for a surprise visit? Well, that right there is the problem, first of all. You shouldn’t be taking surprise visits in very cold temperatures and we will explain why below. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, even in situations where you’ve covered your bases, you still might find yourself in a rogue snowstorm that wasn’t expected. We’ve got your back on that one too.

First of all, what we said about surprise visits isn’t entirely accurate. It’s O.K. to surprise grandma as long as SOMEONE knows where you are and what you are doing, whether it’s a friend or even someone at work.

Preparing for a snowstorm in your car is a lot like writing an essay for school. You want to tell someone when you are leaving, where you are going, who is with you, what you will be doing, and when you are going to be back home. A good example of this would be: Wallace and I are gonna hit the road in the morning to pick up grandma from the occupy wall street protest because due to her alzheimer’s, and much like all the other Occupiers, she has forgotten her true agenda. We’ll be in New York for two days and will be heading back on Monday. We are probably going to stop by Washington D.C. on the way back for a few beers and an autograph from the Taco guy on 5th and Broad and should be back in town on Tuesday. We’re going to be taking the interstate up there and back.

Now that you’ve established the 5-W’s of what we like to call “travel common sense”, you can even go one step further and actually dress for the cold weather trip. This is where a lot of people screw up because they figure they will be warm enough with the heater in the car. Wrong. Even if you don’t wear them, at least pack some winter clothes in your trunk along with a nice heavy blanket or sleeping bag. For all you Floridians reading this blog who have no idea that temperatures actually drop below 60 degrees in the winter, trust us – they do. You should also take head of this advice if traveling up North. Winter gear consists of boots & socks, coats, gloves, and hoodies. You also want to keep an emergency kit first aid kit in your car at all times, regardless of the season.

See? Simple enough. Also, remember that if the weather suddenly takes a nose dive before your trip, do the smart thing and just stay home. Don’t try to be an interstate hero. You will thank us later for it.

Now that you know what to do before you leave, let’s take a look at two simple things to remember while you are actually on the road:

1. Always(and we repeat) – always stay on the main roads. Emergency personnel will scour these routes first and foremost.

2. For the love of all things good and holy do NOT run your car engine to keep warm. It’s all fun and games until the muffler gets covered by snow. Then your screwed, done for, kaput. Once the muffler gets blocked, your lungs will fill with carbon monoxide. At that point, being cold will be the least of your worries.

More on preparedness will surely follow 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the article.


Hello peeps!

In today’s blog we will explore the age old question of what are the best weapons for surviving the zombie apocalypse, from this time forward to be known as the ZAPOC or something else like that which happens to be shorter to type rather than zombie apocalypse over, and over. You younger whipper-snappers are pretty good at shortening words with all that texting jive these days… so have at it!

Anyway, what this discussion basically boils down to is melee versus guns. Or as we like to think about it – finesse versus flare. The objective of this blog will be to take a common sense approach to which is better. Later (in followup blogs) we will explore top 5 or 10 options to each side of the arguement, but for now, let’s think about which is the best option and why. We are quite positive that this topic will be rehashed and revisited, but for now, let’s just establish some ground work.

Ok, from what we know about zombies they will most likely be mean, hard to kill unless their central nervous system is rendered inoperable, insatiably hungry, and attracted to loud noises. Why loud noises you ask? Because that’s how predators hunt. Sound, in almost every instance, is a far superior hunting tool than any other sense (closely followed by smell). Just look at the top predators like lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Upright, conical ears that are facing forward or on a constant swivel to detect even the faintest of movements. Then you have the ultimate night predator in bats which rely almost completely on their sonic hearing. It’s easy to see how sound will play a huge role in the ZAPOC. (<— see what we did there?) We’re going one step further and shortening to ZAP. So take that.

Now that we have established a sound, common sense approach to “how” zombies will hunt. Let’s examine our options.

In the event of a ZAP, we are going to go out on a limb and say society as we know it will have ceased to exist. This means that while guns are cool and all, when you run out of bullets – you’re screwed. There won’t be Uncle Bob’s Bang-Bang Shack on the corner of 5th and Main where you can peruse and max out your credit card. Bullets will be found only on dead people who failed to read this blog (or others like it) and in homes and stores that haven’t already been raided by other desperate SOBs like yourself.

Here’s a free tip for you. If you happen across a gun with ammunition – hold onto it for a rainy day. In our professional opinion (hey, we don’t judge what you do for a living), you’re better off using the gun in defense against non-zombie combatants who might just want your hideout, guns, food, or women/men (yes, we are slighly politically correct). Not every human is going to be singing kumbaya and holding hands with their fellow humans. There will still be jackasses, even during the ZAP. Trust us on this one.

So… after review of the logical train of thought above (our own), we have come to the conclusion that melee weapons will be the far superior choice for defense during the ZAP. There are a few reasons for this that we would like to point out in list format, for all of your who are without a doubt taking notes:

  • Melee weapons are silent. This is good because other zombies will not hear you killing their friends.
  • Melee weapons are easily maintained and do not require renewable resources. IE: You don’t need bullets for your sword.
  • Melee weapons are just badass. Did Conan the Barbarian use guns to crush his enemies and hear the lamentation of the women? We don’t think so.

    RUN! Why are you just taking pictures??

There you have it. Melee is definitely the way to go.

Stay tuned for lists of both melee and gun related weapons we think you should look into!